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Child of my Mother is a collection of poems that attests to Kenechukwu Onwudinjo’s creative imagination. The poems mirror local and global concerns, and they touch upon series of post-modern developments like terrorism, global warming, migrant crisis, and religious extremism. The poet boldly engages covert issues (sexual abuse and other forms of abuse) that are hardly spoken about across all cultures, but which are none-the-less make up the crease areas and dark shades and shadows of social negligence. The poems are draped in vivid imagery, unique metaphors, and symbols from traditional African oral culture (especially Igbo culture). She uses a strong female persona whose wisdom and understanding and tenderness gives her an eagle-eye view of the multiple crisis of the modern and post modern society. The persona travels through each soul (even the souls of outlaws), collecting relics of rancor, and in its place, she blesses each broken soul with peace. This unique power to restore the good that had been lost or taken away, makes the poet-persona a rallying point for fragmented peoples in a world turn apart by loss, grief, neglect, war, abuse, and complacence. The persona takes on ….her voice is the voice of caution. She pleads, bacons, chides, rebukes, praises, admonishes, warns and most of all she seeks to soothe and mend that which was undone so as to ensure a renewed brotherliness among people of different races and cultures, that they may learn to identify with, and share in their common humanity. Some of the poems are nostalgic, they reminiscent about the purity of the past and decry the present genocide of the earth. A section of Child of My Mother is dedicated to the celebration of feminineness and the experiences that are unique to women.


Child of My Mother is intense, deeply-touching, provoking, the words are posed to tug and pull and graze at the recess of one’s soul. The poems in this novel collection are uniquely shaped in African oral form, the Igbo oral culture and tradition, gives them a rare quality.